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16th January 2016 by Martin Flammia

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Last modified 25th August 2017

Extreme Networks’ Netsight is a centralised suite of tools that has integrated management applications recommended for centralised control and visibility of the entire solution. NetSight enables global configuration and management of all proposed switches from a single-pane-of-glass console. Furthermore, Network Access Control, Network Application Analytics solutions and Wireless can all be centrally managed from this same set of tools. NetSight is distinguished by web-based OneView, …

EOS – Authentication Behaviour

14th January 2016 by Martin Flammia

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Last modified 18th January 2016

All the command line referenced for configuring 802.1x can be programmed through Netsight Policy Manager, and is the recommended way to do this. For reference the authentication behaviours and their equivalent command line is detailed below: Authentication Behaviour                                     Active Unauthenticated Behaviour                                  Default Role <none> Disable 802.1x Authentication for the port           Checked

Authentication Behaviour        …