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NetSight – External MySQL Queries

22nd September 2016 by Martin Flammia

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Last modified 26th September 2016

Recently had a query for a set of port statistics that could not be produced currently, and directly from the OneVeiw interface. This was to produce a report on all the ports at once on minimum, maximum and average utilisation. The information would be in the database, so it should be just a matter of formulating the query and exporting the data – which is where the use of something like …


16th January 2016 by Martin Flammia

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Last modified 25th August 2017

Extreme Networks’ Netsight is a centralised suite of tools that has integrated management applications recommended for centralised control and visibility of the entire solution. NetSight enables global configuration and management of all proposed switches from a single-pane-of-glass console. Furthermore, Network Access Control, Network Application Analytics solutions and Wireless can all be centrally managed from this same set of tools. NetSight is distinguished by web-based OneView, …

NetSight – Not Starting

1st January 2016 by Martin Flammia

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Last modified 27th June 2017

NetSight server would not start, which was diagnosed due to all the harddrive space being full. Errors in the server.log looked as follows:

To check the amount of space let on the server you can issue the following command:

The output will look something like the below, with availability shown below as 0G:

To view where the space is being filled …