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14th January 2016 by Martin Flammia

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Last modified 14th January 2016

ACL’s can be written as standard and extended, with standard only the source IP address can be used. For an extended ACL, the protocol, source IP address, destination IP address, and in the case of the TCP or UDP protocols, matching source and destination ports are configurable. There are two ways to identify the new ACL: access‐list number or name. Standard ACL numbers can range …


29th December 2015 by Martin Flammia

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Last modified 7th April 2016

ACL’s can be created in two ways. The first is to create a policy (static ACL) with “if”, “then” statements the other is to use the ‘Dynamic’ ACL format. The former you are able to create a list of ACL’s and apply them as a whole to a selection of ports, the later ‘dynamic’ you create singular rules and apply each to a port. I typically configure …