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Extreme Networks’ Netsight is a centralised suite of tools that has integrated management applications recommended for centralised control and visibility of the entire solution. NetSight enables global configuration and management of all proposed switches from a single-pane-of-glass console. Furthermore, Network Access Control, Network Application Analytics solutions and Wireless can all be centrally managed from this same set of tools. NetSight is distinguished by web-based OneView, the unified control interface. NetSight helps improve operational efficiency, streamline business policies, and simplify management of network devices and critical network services through robust network and policy management tools. The intelligence, automation, and integration of NetSight enables the network administrators to optimize the efficiency of network operations and reduce total cost of ownership.

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NetSight OneView

NetSight OneView provides access to web-based reporting, network analysis, troubleshooting and helpdesk tools, along with critical network information being accessible and easy to use with all the capabilities unified under one web-based control interface. OneView includes dashboards which drill down ability, reports, Identity and Access Management information and control, interactive topology maps, application identification, web-based FlexViews, device views and event logs. State-of-the-art, customisable, reporting provides historical and real-time data for high level network summary information and/or details. The OneView search functionality is a powerful diagnostic tool; end systems are searchable by port, MAC address, IP or IP/Port, end-system name, username, and registration custom field attributes. The results page provides an interactive topology map consolidating all the data sources available for that location such as performance data and network access control data. Troubleshooting is simple and efficient with all the data in one graphical and easy to use page. Reports are flexible and interactive allowing you to configure time ranges and data rollup values to use for each report. You can use the report Search and Filter capabilities to narrow down the data shown in the report tables. You can also click on links in the reports to quickly drill down to more detailed information. This powerful management application enables both managers and technical staff to be more efficient in their monitoring, reporting, analysis, troubleshooting and problem solving tasks.

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NetSight Policy Manager

NetSight Policy Manager centralises all the policies for users, applications, protocols, VLANs, ports and data flows. It automates the definition, distribution and enforcement of policy rules across the entire network. With an intuitive user interface, administrators can define policies once and then automatically enforce them on the proposed Extreme Networks policy-enabled devices. With Extreme Networks unified policy management global user policies are centrally defined and dynamically updated providing continuous enforcement of role-based policy across the network to protect IT services. Extreme Networks’ role-based policy solutions deliver guaranteed application delivery, Service Level Agreement and Quality of Experience for critical data, voice and video applications – all based on users, devices, locations, time and most importantly, operational requirements.

NetSight Inventory Manager

NetSight Inventory Manager provides comprehensive set of tools:

  • Network inventory and change management capabilities you can view a system-level inventory of network devices, configurations, and firmware information – including a detailed inventory of products organized by device type.
  • Tracks device attributes such as serial number, asset tag, firmware version, CPU type, memory, etc. This allows you to view a history of device attributes, and monitor any changes made to the device.
  • Boot PROM Upgrade Wizard can be used to easily download boot PROM images to single or multiple network devices. Downloads can be configured to be performed in parallel (simultaneously) or serial, one device after another.
  • Firmware Upgrade Wizard allows you to easily perform firmware upgrades to specific devices, groups of devices or all devices. Downloads can be performed in parallel (simultaneously) or performed serially (one device after another). The wizard gives you the flexibility of performing an immediate upgrade or scheduling the upgrade to take place at a later time.
  • Capacity Planning tool lets you quickly prepare valuable network inventory planning reports. The tool provides a set of report templates that can be tailored to meet the specific planning needs. Reports are generated based on your selection of a report template and the associated parameters used to define the report. Report results can be exported as an HTML file or as a delimited text file. In addition, Capacity Planning reports can be saved to use again at a later time, and they can also be scheduled to run at specified intervals with report results sent out through a notification email.
  • Comprehensive change management and audit functionality. Capabilities include providing a history of firmware and configuration changes made to a device, including what, who and when. It tracks and reports changes to your network configuration, and provides a history of device changes that aids in troubleshooting network problems. For example, you can compare a current device configuration with previously saved configurations, and report any differences.

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