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Connecting Extreme and Cisco Networks

25th August 2017 by Martin Flammia

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Last modified 30th September 2017

Recently had a installation where an Extreme Networks was replacing a Cisco, and the transition required both networks to work in parrallel and therefor be connected. Typically I would do this via OSPF, but in this scenario it wasn’t an option – so the answer come in the form of multiple VRRP based on the conversation on the Extreme Networks Hub here The process in …

Fibre (SM, MM) and GBic’s (FX, SX, LX)

14th January 2016 by Martin Flammia

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Last modified 21st March 2016

1000baseSX is a short range (multimode mostly) standard for gigabit. 1000baseLX is a long range (mostly single mode) standard for gigabit. OM1 – 62.5 ym OM2/OM3/OM4 – 50 ym SX = Always is a Red light on fibre. FX Mini-Gbic – 1310nm – 100baseFX – MultiMode – Extreme Networks – 4050-00036 (4050-00030 Long Form) – (SPG-FE-FX-CNFB, FTM-3001C-SL2G) LX Mini-Gbic – 1310nm – 1000baseLX – Single-Mode …